Installing HENkaku Ensō

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HENkaku requires us to relaunch the exploit upon every reboot. This might not be hard, but it can get annoying. This is why we recommend installing HENkaku Ensō.

HENkaku Ensō will automatically install HENkaku on boot, making it the best solution to PS Vita homebrew right now.



  1. Open MolecularShell on your Vita
  2. Press Select
  3. Open your FTP client on your computer
  4. Type in the IP Address and Port shown on your Vita
  5. Navigate to ux0:data on the FTP Client
  6. Transfer the Ensō .vpk file
  7. Press O on your Vita to close the server
  8. Navigate to ux0:data on your Vita
  9. Press X on the Ensō .vpk file to install it
    • Make sure you still have unsafe homebrew enabled
  10. Exit back to the home menu and open the Ensō application
  11. Press O to accept terms
  12. Press X to install Ensō
    • If it says os0 modifications detected, press X to install the 3.60 PUP

To uninstall HENkaku Ensō, open the HENkaku Ensō Installer and follow the on screen instructions to uninstall it.

You must disable Version Spoofing in HENKaku Settings before uninstalling HENkaku Ensō, or your memory card will have to be formatted.

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