Installing HENkaku

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This part will guide you through installing HENkaku and custom homebrew software. The exploit will require you to relaunch the exploit on every reboot via the HENkaku website, but don’t worry, we’ll install a version which doesn’t require this later.



  1. Open the Web Browser on your PS Vita
  2. Go to

MolecularShell and HENkaku should now be installed on your Vita

Error C2-12828

Enabling Unsafe Homebrew

This will allow us to access the Vita’s internal memory and install homebrew which requires extended permissions. This can be dangerous, so be careful when installing homebrews which require it.

  1. Open the Settings application
  2. Select HENkaku Settings
  3. Check Enable Unsafe Homebrew

If you are looking to install HENkaku Enso for 3.65, stop here and proceed here.

Installing Homebrew

Now we’ve got that out the way, we can start to install some homebrew applications to put on our Home Menu

  1. Open MolecularShell on your Vita
  2. Press Select
  3. Open your FTP client on your computer
  4. Type in the IP Address and Port shown on your Vita
  5. Navigate to ux0:data on the FTP Client
  6. Transfer the VitaShell .vpk file
  7. Transfer the Vita Homebrew Browser .vpk file
  8. Press O on your Vita to close the server
  9. Navigate to ux0:data on your Vita
  10. Press X on the .vpk files to install both of the homebrew applications you downloaded
    • Make sure you still have unsafe homebrew enabled

You can now use VitaShell as your main file browser, and use Vita Homebrew Browser to download whatever homebrew you want. Keep in mind that Unsafe Homebrew must be enabled to run Vita Homebrew Browser.

Installing HENkaku Ensō