Updating to 3.60

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HENkaku only runs on 3.60. If you are on 3.57 or below, you’ll need to update to 3.60.

  1. Open the Settings application
  2. Select Network > Wi-Fi Settings > Your Network > Advanced Settings > DNS Settings
    • Make sure you are connected to the internet
    • Make sure Proxy Server is set to Do Not Use
  3. Choose Manual
  4. Change your Primary DNS to
  5. Change your Secondary DNS to
  6. Go back to the main Settings screen
  7. Go to System > Auto-Start Settings
  8. Uncheck Download Update File for System Software
  9. Go back to the main Settings screen
  10. Select System Update > Update Using Wi-Fi
  11. Be absolutely certain that the message says “3.60 (変革 Compatible)”
  12. Update your system to 3.60

Vita Update 3.60

Installing HENkaku