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Adrenaline is an extremely useful piece of software which lets you run PS1 and PSP games and homebrew from your memory card.

Make sure your Vita and computer are connected to the same internet

You must have the latest version of VitaShell installed



  1. Open VitaShell on your Vita
  2. Press Select
  3. Open your FTP client on your computer
  4. Type in the IP Address and Port shown on your Vita
  5. Navigate to ux0:data on the FTP Client
  6. Transfer the Adrenaline .vpk file
  7. Transfer the PSP Homebrew Browser .vpk file
  8. Press O on your Vita to close the server
  9. Navigate to ux0:data on your Vita
  10. Press X on the .vpk files to install both of the homebrew applications you downloaded
    • Make sure you have unsafe homebrew enabled
  11. Open the Adrenaline application from the home menu
  12. Press X to download the PSP 6.61 firmware
  13. Adrenaline will automatically close
  14. Open Adrenaline again and press X to install the firmware
  15. Press X to boot the PSP XMB
  16. Once you’ve set up the Vita, hold the PS button and select Settings > Exit PspEmu Application
  17. Open up VitaShell or MolecularShell and navigate to ur0:tai
  18. Open config.txt
  19. Go to *KERNEL and press Triangle > Insert Empty Line
  20. Type into the new line: ux0:app/PSPEMUCFW/sce_module/adrenaline_kernel.skprx
  21. Reboot