Installing VitaShell to System

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After installing HENkaku Enso on 3.65, you can lose VitaShell if you format the system. If you haven’t made a backup, you could lose the ability to install homebrew. So what you can do instead, is install it to the system, which will allow you to keep VitaShell even after formatting.

This guide will replace a system app, so that application will not be usable after this. This guide involves rebuilding the database, which will reset your icon layout. This step is necessary and VitaShell will not work on the system without doing this.

When updating the system, the injected application will be lost and the system application will revert back to its previous state.



  1. Open MolecularShell or VitaShell on your Vita
  2. Press Select
  3. Open your FTP client on your computer
  4. Type in the IP Address and Port shown on your Vita
  5. Navigate to ux0:data on the FTP Client
  6. Transfer the HBInjector.vpk file to your Vita
  7. Press O on your Vita to close the server
  8. Navigate to ux0:data on your Vita
  9. Press X on the HBInjector.vpk file to install it
  10. Close VitaShell and open HBInjector
  11. Follow the on-screen instructions
  12. After you’ve finished, backup ux0:data/HBInjector/ to make sure you never lose your system app backups

VitaShell should now be installed inside your selected system application. Just launch it to use VitaShell.